What we do

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Strategy, Branding & Consultancy.

We work on branding projects for a wide range of businesses.

Branding and strategy

From telling your story to improving your strategy, our work with brands has created success for startups and grown-ups alike.

We’ll work with you to improve your branding, collateral and marketing.

Good, honest, branding

Whether you need some creative input or strategic advice, we can help you improve your branding and marketing to gain exposure, reach new markets and increase sales. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve without burning your bread!

Animation and Content Development

Here’s where we shine – at making things move. Literally. There are a lot of techniques of animation available and we have mastered the most often used in commercial, corporate, medical, educational and many other uses. Animation is a complicated and lengthy process- but very satisfying. Made with love, attention to detail and conducted by a professional team here at Studio ESEN; it’s beautiful and engaging. See for yourself.

It’s one of the most common techniques out there. Animating in 2d means we work on ‘flat’ shapes, like most cartoons. By operating in two dimensions we can focus the viewer’s attention on the meaning instead of having them looking at everything all together.

The 3D experience allows learners to enhance their understanding of complex issues by learning through observation and investigation, rather than by instruction. This is a unique method of teaching that allows environments and images to be observed in 3D detail from every angle. The fully interactive and immersive learning environment engages students in a variety of ways, guaranteeing a greater level of participation and comprehension.


We know what it takes to mix music, sounds, and voice-overs that help to accomplish your goals and get to the right audience. The sound is animations lifeblood. Without it, it’s just moving objects on a screen. It’s very important for our work, so it’s very important for us. To get the best results, we provide all available help in making the sound flow; we’re working with sound studios for effects, composers for music and voice talents for voices from all over the world. Every sound we make is individual to each project.

Quality Copywriting is essential for successful brands

Quality Copywriting is essential for successful brands

All great brands are accompanied and supported by engaging and compelling copy. If you need guidance or assistance in engaging your target audiences with the correct tone of voice or need to ensure that all your copy, online or offline, long or short, is consistent and on-brand – we can help.

Strong photography and imagery are key

Images “grabbed from google” won’t do your brand justice. Investing in well thought out and quality photography is vital when promoting a brand. That could be studio product photography or lifestyle photography involving a food stylist and props, it all builds part of a brand toolkit that will come in handy time and time again.